What does Knowledge in the 21st century mean ??

A person is said to be wise when s/he knows when, where, and how to implement his/her knowledge over any situation.

But what if this knowledge is confined only till books and not beyond that ?

Many times in life you come across people who have in-depth knowledge about a particular subject as deep as an ocean bed yet you begin to doubt over their sanity. And many times it so happens people with a normal background are way more sensible and rational.

In such a case who should be valued more ?

A person with name, fame and well-qualified degrees yet loses his sanity OR A person who is barely known by people, yet is a very sorted and rational person.

I don’t mean here from any way that an educated and a knowledged person shouldn’t be approached at all, Of course, they should be. After all the experience and the learning, they’ll be carrying with them will be very much fruitful for the people around them.

However, recently I have been witnessing certain incidents around around me which have actually put me into deep thoughts.

Knowledge is of No good if someone doesn’t practice them. People today have the knowledge yet when they do not take wise decisions in spite of knowing the later consequences, it’s better they remain less literate. At least to illiterates if you once tell them What’s good and bad for them, they’ll make sure to follow that without giving much of a thought.

For instance, let’s take the present day scenario that has become a trend these days.

Now that nuclear families exist more, members of the family take a harsh step of either leaving their parents in the old age homes or probably to abandon them when they’ll be needing their kids the most. (Not everyone but yes a good number of population DO that.) Their own family becomes the topmost priority and then the rest of the world seems nothing to them.

The term FAMILY has become a bare minimal meaning word now.

And after all this, shouldn’t these educated, knowledgeable people be called Literate Illiterates ?!

If this is what Education and knowledge make a man into i.e. arrogant, selfish, an aloof, self-centered, and a total hypocrite then I believe it is best that s/he remains less illiterate because this is what our deep down INDIAN CULTURE teaches us isn’t it?

To live and gel with people first and then to remain pragmatic even during the toughest time.

And by the end of the day, we should all remember that : a person with good morality is the only one who is remembered for ages.

KALI YUG 2020 !!!

We live in the era of Kali yug, a yug that is known for darkness and ignorance as far as Hinduism is considered. And if we were to go down the bottom line back to Dwapar yug, it is said to be the period when Mahabharata took place according to the Hindu mythology.
Unrighteousness (Adharm) had reached its peak and so to end that, this colossal war became necessary.

Isn’t the same thing happening in Kali yug ?
Isn’t politics and bureaucracy trying to establish strong roots here ?
Isn’t jealousy slowly prevailing over happiness ?

A person is happy and content in Kali yug only when his greedy desires are met. Definition of happiness has changed. Practically if we were to see happiness today is being wealthy and having fame.

Whereas during Dwapar yug, the definition was slightly different.

Why am I only talking about Dwapar yug and Kali yug you people must be wondering !
That’s because Satya yug was a yug completely with peace, truth, perfection and with no crimes at all.
And in Treta yug only upto some extent did the above picture diminish.
But by the time Dwapar yug came there was self pride and adharm entering the minds of people which followed by Kali yug had taken a rapid growth by then.

What according to Gita is the duty of a Human Being ?
To do your Karm i.e. to do those actions for what God has sent you here to do; which is to spread happiness, love and more precisely maintain peace.

Are we having that these days ?
NO !

All of us have become so engrossed in our daily lifestyles that we rarely do something for the public welfare.
And even if we do, that again has 2 motives : GREED and FAME.

Corruption is slowly reaching its peak.
Terrorism has already started to reach and god knows how much more are we bound to see yet.
Crimes take place as though they are a part of us now and living a life is in wane without that.
Any happy moments bring in an atmosphere of jealousy amidst other people.
Cruelty over animals in no big deal here anymore for the majority of people, in fact it’s a source of delightment for all those stone hearted ruthless people seeing them cry.

By the end of the day we should all remember just one thing that all of us are creating Karma every minute and that it affects us every now and then (could be positive or negative) through some or the other way.

Therefore, it depends on us as to how we can change our course of life by changing our intentional activities and self destructive patterns.

COVID-19 : A Boon OR A Bane ??

Hearing the name of this virus sends a chill down the spine isn’t it ?

This virus has been getting on everyone’s nerves now, it’s been more than 3 months and the carnage caused due to this has crossed more than 26 lakhs.

Governments from all over the world are trying ways to curb down the growth of COVID – 19, yet the virus seems to have no intentions as of now to set itself in a pause mode.

The destruction caused by this is Mammoth.

Scientists from all over the world are doing a careful scrutiny over this virus. It feels as though we slowly should get mentally ready now as to learn to live with it, like any other disease such as TB, Diabetics, Asthma and so on and so forth.

Now this was the picture of just one side of the coin that I had been talking over and the entire nation in and around has been discussing about all this while.

Flip the coin around and you’ll find answers to a number of questions and to which people become conscious of the sooner the better. 

COVID 19 may have come as a hurricane into millions of lives, yet it has taught us plenty of things as well.

Our earth was having a tough time breathing – this was the extend upto which we people had slaved our earth.

It needed a BREAK !!!

The air that we are breathing right now has become much more purer and this can be given with an example: with the recent survey done in Delhi. It’s been declared as the purest city now which once upon a time had an AQI (Air Quality Index) of 497.

Rivers like Ganga, Brahmaputra and Yamuna have become totally unadulterated now when there were crores spent once just to make them the way they are now. Similar case could be seen in Venice.

They have become worth drinking without any filter and I’m not exaggerating any of the above or latter things. These are the reports that the respected authorities are claiming.

Prestigious Himalayas that are considered to save our India from the cold and dry winds of Central Asia are now being visible from Jalandhar (Punjab) which are at a distance of 200+ kms from here due to the drastic dip in air pollution.

This is the scenario when the entire nation is in a forced and complete lock down and the industries and production sectors are shut ! 

And the above illustration was just in India, whereas these similar plots are occurring in almost every nook and corner of the world.

Well, these were just the physical changes that COVID-19 has got to us.

It has got some internal changes as well, for which I’m not very much sure whether everyone of us noticed those changes or not.

And the first and the foremost lies in the fact of the good and quality time families especially workaholics are spending with each other now.

This is the time when society can sharpen their axe.

By the term axe I mean here : discover the type of future you want to see after this or maybe those modifications you want to see within yourself in your daily lifestyle.

Or maybe take a pledge to make your own Rule book with the DO’S and DON’TS that you’ll be following there after this pandemic.

I have recently found my level of interest inclining towards writing and have also started to make sure that these skills are sharpened and crisped upto some extent before the lock down gets over and to make good use of my writing.

Similarly, you people do explore your extrinsic qualities and make good efforts after them.

People today at this stage, will show all their respects and tributes towards the environment, give speeches on methods to conserve the environment and once the lock down is over will get back to their original self which is nothing but destroying everything again which only depricates me.

Let us all not take this period as a burden and carry it as a positive attitude as to the fact that the globe has finally got time to sit, relax and breathe peacefully. 

The major lesson we should learn from this pandemic is that whenever mankind will try to act smart with nature then it will take rules and regulations in its own hand and make the same mankind realise his mistakes without any warning.

Be good to it, and it will reciprocate back vice versa, Be bad to it and it will reciprocate back with double the power.

And practically if we were to see, COVID-19 is being beneficial and helpful and can cause distress and annoyance too which totally depends on the person’s perspective towards it.

As to conclude, I would just say : Remain self quarantined before it’s too late and you are forced to be under someone’s surveillance and their quarantine centre.

And let us all take an oath as well during this period that we will change our attitudes hereafter and nurture the earth as a dutiful citizen has to do before it’s too late and all we are left is with REGRETS !!!


This is the 21st century : a century which is still manufacturing a world of difference via the New, Innovative and Modern generation.

An era, which is developing in almost all aspects of fields, then be that from Science and technology, nuclear missiles, economic growth, trade relationships between countries or medical fields.

And amidst this pandemic caused due to COVID 19 the medical facilities, the medical and paramedical staff have been playing a very imperative role in every human being’s life.

Now you may be wondering, I began with the 21st century and suddenly I’m leaping to COVID 19 and medical teams, but my dear friends I’m trying to make you people connect the dots.

Since we live in this century it becomes our vital responsibility that each one of us contribute to the well being of mankind.

Everyone of us is running behind the statistical facts, the number of deaths caused worldwide, the reason behind the spread of this pandemic, cure for the disease, so on and so forth and why not also – after all this has been wiping out lives of so many people out there.

But has anyone given a thought about the mental disturbances it would have given to some exceptional people ???

I don’t mean All but still I mentioned SOME and those can vary from hundreds to millions as well which isn’t something worth appreciation for a healthy society.

They may be victims of Depression, Anxiety, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) or any other mental issues which might not concern other people but can be a major point of concern for these people.

And these are also some aspects to which a glance of attention should be given too, cause they also contribute to the sustenance of mankind.

Now the point is How to overcome these issues and How to aware people about this ?!

I personally and strongly believe that the best way to overcome this is to Firstly, remain POSITIVE cause positivity not only transmits the positive vibes around you making the surrounding amicable, hearty and lively but also sends a magnetic power to the universe which in return multifolds and come back.

Secondly, I feel that we should try to clear all the misconceptions the majority of people have regarding such mental issues. They should understand that they are no different from them and that these are those things that can happen to anyone in the world and can come to your life as an Uninvited guest, thereby it becomes our basic priority to give them the space they deserve rather than humiliating them or making them feel uncomfortable !

At the end, I would just conclude by saying that World is a really marvelous place to reside in and it becomes even more charming and magnificent when the inhabitants living here live with more harmony and affection and not by developing a feeling of superiority or inferiority complex against each other.

                As someone has very wisely said : 

“Through our eyes the universe is perceiving itself, through our ears the universe is listening to its harmonies.

We are the witnesses through which the universe becomes conscious of its glory or its magnificence”.